ASME VR Certified Safety Valve Repair

VR Certified Safety Valve Repair Technician at work

North American Machine Works is a VR ASME certified safety valve repair center. In addition to Farris, we are certified to repair all makes and models of any safety valve manufacturer; whether they are ASME Sec. I or Sec. VIII certified. The testing facilities at our machine shop include a steam test stand for pressures up to 1400 psig, two air test stands rated up to 3500 psig and liquid testing capabilities of up to 10,000 psig. All of our test stands are equipped with highly accurate pressure transducers which graphically capture each test.

Our valve shop operations are managed by an innovative web based system, Swan Asset Manager. Asset Manager offers our customers a window into our operations from their own offices. Real time status of each safety valve and its repair is available to the customer online. Customers no longer need to make a phone call for an update. Now all they have to do is logon into SWAN Asset Manager through the web and every aspect of their job is available on line – whether it is a current repair status, repair history, or the most recent test certification.

In addition to our shop capabilities, North American Machine Works has extensive field repair capabilities. NAMW carries a field VR. We have two portable test stands as well as an in-line testing device, AVK. Our field mechanics are experienced in testing high pressure welded steam valves in power plants as well as multiple valve shutdowns in process plants.

Valve Repair

NAMW has extensive capabilities for the reconditioning of gate, globe, check, double block and bleed, and non-return valves. All repaired valves are leak and hydro tested per API standards prior to shipment.

Our valve technicians and machinists routinely perform the following modifications:

  • Trim Changes – 304SS, 316SS, Monel, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C, and Stellite
  • Packing and Gasket Changes
  • Gear Operator and Motor Operator Installation
  • Drain and Bypass Installations
  • Handwheel Extensions
  • End Connection Changes

Our field service team has been successfully performing on site services for customers for many years. Many of the services we perform in our shop can be performed in the field as well. An abbreviated list of services we have performed in the field includes:

  • Repack gate and globe valves
  • Lubricate and free up stuck gate and plug valves
  • Remove, repair, and replace broken yoke bushings
  • Remove, repair, and replace broken gear operators
  • Install gear operators with spinner hand wheels
  • Reslip General Twin seal valves
  • Remove, repair, and replace General Twin seal operators

Several customers have contracted with us for routine on site valve maintenance so their valves always work when needed.

24 inch Gate Valve As Received
24 Gate Valves After Refurbishment

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