Hydrofluoric Acid Safety Valve Servicing

At NAMW we have a dedicated bicarbonate tank for the decontaminating of Hydrofluoric() Acid service safety valves. Through the use of this tank and proper PPE, we can safely disassemble and repair safety valves that are installed in Hydrofluoric Acid service, despite the deadly hazards of Hydrofluoric Acid. We have been approved for and service HF safety valves used in the refining process at Paulsboro Refinery.

HF Acid Tank
HF Acid Tank

O2 Cleaning Service

NAMW comes equipped with a dedicated Oxygen cleaning room. An 80 gallon heated aqueous tank filled with Mirachem 500 allows us to degrease all safety valves parts for safe and proper re-installation into high octane flammable service. After the safety valve has been disassembled and repaired, parts are agitated and then cleaned with ultra-pure Nitrogen and carefully inspected under a Black Light for grease and lint. We service many safety valves across the country for Air Products and Chemicals under 02 cleaning specifications for high octane flammable environments.

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